The Amazingly Fun Race (RVAPLAFR!) 2016

River Valley Animal Protection League is happy to announce that the Amazingly Fun Race was an amazing success! Not only did we raise some funds, but we had a great time doing it.

The winners of the day were Heather Smith and the Baldwin Hill Bobcats! These bobbies were were in hot pursuit of the super awesome first place trophy. They came prepared to beat the pavement and was no stopping them. Congratulations!


Heather Smith and the Baldwin Hill Bobcats after kicking all sorts of tail

The Off Broad Street Thespians weren’t playing, either. They took second place and acted like they did shelter work every day with such a strong performance in the pet escape challenge. Good show, OBS Thespians!

Third place finishers, the Claremont Savings Bank Fast Cash Felines were also our top fundraising team, proving that they are experts at saving kitties, as well as their customers’ money! Thanks, ladies!

Honorable mention goes to Phil, Dee and Mary, of the Tabby Tornadoes. They earned their stripes conquering all 10 challenges!

View RVAPLAFR photo album here