Natty Needs A Special Home

Natty has been with us for a bit more or less than a year now, despite being affectionate and beautiful. It’s hard to pull of elegance for a cat of size, but Natty channels Cleopatera like nobody’s business on a pretty regular basis.


So why hasn’t she found a home yet? There are a couple of reasons that actually lend themselves to one another. She doesn’t get along well with other cats and she has a food allergy. Natty needs a closely monitored special diet that would be very difficult to keep in a home with multiple pets. If she gets into another pet’s food (and she will if she has access to it in any way) she develops an itchy, scaly, dry rash that she can’t help scratching raw. Holding to this in a shelter the relies on a group of several people can be a challenge. A volunteer allows her a jog in the hallway and she grabs another cat’s food through the cage bars, someone’s resolve wavers when everyone else gets a treat, except Natty, one of us accidentally grabs the wrong can of wet food from the fridge…and a simple mistake means another round of rash and medication for our girl.

Additionally, Natty struggles with obesity and mild arthritis. Her daily feeding includes a supplement mixes in small portion of prescription wet food to reduce the discomfort in her joints.

Loving Natty means keeping her well by holding to this very strict diet and paying for veterinary care if she manages to get into something that triggers her reaction. It means staying strong in the face of her great love of food, and limiting her portions to reduce the weight on her joints. In return she will give you huge helpings of love and the privilege of petting her belly.

Please help us ensure that Natty gets what she needs every day by giving her the only pet home she needs.

In Memory of Mozart – By Carly Morin

Mozart was a RVAPL kitty beloved by his adopted family. He has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge and his special person, Carly, made this video of our shelter as a tribute to their friendship.

Thanks for sharing your home, your heart, and this great video, Carly.

January Cat of the Month – Rosie

Rosie is awesome! She came to us with a litter of young kittens, all displaying unfriendly behaviors. A couple of foster families helped to socialize the babies until they were very well adjusted little guys, and all of them have been adopted. Rosie took a little more time, but she has made remarkable progress.


At this point Rosie is always interested in what the people in the shelter are up to, always peeking from the windows of her room and showing off to visitors that stop at her door. For all of her interest, one has to allow Rosie to make first contact for affection. She is afraid of hands reaching at her head, but she eventually begins with brushing against her visitor, allows some petting of her body, and eventually comes around to allowing cheek scratches and more vigorous contact. Her most trusted friends are even able to hold her for short periods.

She is also a play machine. She can often be heard bouncing around with toys in her room during feeding/cleaning shifts, and enjoys interactive play as well. Her forever family will have to make time for…retrieving toys from under the couch and the fridge…

To truly understand how charming this shy, quirky girl is, one has to meet her. She is absolutely adorable and her friendship is a wonderful gift. She is ready to find the right family to share it with. It might be yours.

Cat of the…However Long It Takes – Danny

This is Danny. He is 1 or 2 years old, loves to lounge on laps and near his favorite kitty scratcher post. Danny is a very big fellow, both in build and a little bit of extra pudge. He loves to be brushed and to sleep in bed with his people…

Danny with Dogs

And Danny has Felv, which is also known as Feline Leukemia Virus. FeLV is NOT contagious to humans or other animals. It only effects cats.Danny at RVAPL

This disease means that he will need a very, very special permanent home, or foster home. He must be an indoor only cat. He can live with another cat that is also FeLV positive, or in a home with dogs or other kinds of pets. Danny will need regular check ups with a vet, strict flea and parasite control, and a high quality diet.

FeLV can be managed successfully for a number of years, and even though he is currently healthy, eventually Danny will succumb to the disease. His family will need to have extra big, strong hearts, to give a piece of to this special boy.

Click Here for more information about FeLVDanny Eyes

If you think you may be interested in giving Danny a home or fostering him, please contact us at 603-826-3061 with any questions.


June Cat of the Month – Mooney

VN Mooney

Mooney is a groovy guy who enjoys being brushed (especially by volunteer, Maureen) and napping with his friend, Pinto. He also enjoys hunting and murdering unsuspecting green mice and springs. He is super good at it. Mooney is ok at making friends with other submissive cats, but he really likes to be the boss. Or at least he doesn’t like anyone else to be the boss.

Come check out Mooney (and maybe his buddy, Pinto) if you’re interested in an all around good guy who will never eat the last cookie.

May Cat of the Month – Pinto

Pinto resize
Take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, let it out. That calm serenity you’re feeling is the essence of Pinto. He is an exceptionally easy going cat, who can disarm his more confrontational fellows as if by magic. Other cats can’t pick a fight with Pinto because he ignores their poor manners and rubs on them in greeting. or withdraws.

It’s clear that he enjoys the company of other cats, and is comforted by their presence. Currently he shares a room with his friend, Mooney, and can be found sharing a kitty bed together on occasion, too.

Pinto can be shy, he comes around quickly and consistently with a few good chin scratchings, even after being given medicine, or enduring other necessary discomforts.
This guy is very child friendly, not because he goes out of his way to socialize with children, but because he is so tolerant. If kids are making him uncomfortable, he withdraws, but shows no inclination of lashing out. Ever.

So, what could be wrong with this perfect angel cat? Not much, actually. He isn’t a big fan of being picked up and doesn’t seem to want to sit in laps. But he loves being petted while he’s got four on the floor. LOVES IT! And…that’s it. Not so bad, is it?

Pinto will make an excellent addition to any household. Homes with other cats, children, elderly folks, people with disabilities, people who like brussels sprouts, you name it. If you want a cat, come meet him, and you will want to take him home.

February Cat of the Month – Tom!

Tom…where to start? Tom is the spazziest cat this shelter has seen in a long time. He has two speeds – Oh…wait, he only has one – warp speed. This guy loves to play, and in fact, he needs to play in order to get some of his energy out of his system. This guy is sure to give you a daily dose of laughter, that’s for sure. Check it out:

Tom is also a lover. He always greets us with excited meows and makes sure to show us affection while we work in his room. He likes being petted and rubbing all over everyone.

At the same time, Tom is a difficult guy. He gets over stimulated very, very easily. Unfortunately this means that he needs a home without children or elderly folks, who could miss his cues or be especially vulnerable to accidental small injuries. Also, it will be super helpful to keep this boy’s nails trimmed, because even when he is calm he is a very enthusiastic kneader.
He may also need to be an only cat, as sometimes he just gets too rough with others.

January Cat of the Month – Blue


Blue is obviously super handsome, with some mixture of siamese/snowshoe breeding. This big guy does not get along well with other pets, but is wonderful with people and child friendly. Blue is harness trained and enjoys going for walks, but his new family should be prepared for everyone stopping them to talk about how amazing he is.

If you are looking for an only pet, Blue might be perfect for you. Call for an appointment or come in during open hours to meet him!

December Cat of the Month: Tootsie


December Cat of the Month: Tootsie

This month’s featured cat is Tootsie, a large, gentle 8 year old kitty. Adjusting to the shelter hasn’t been easy for Tootsie. It has taken quite some time for her to feel comfortable and if there is too much activity or noise, she still retreats to the corner of her cage, behind her litter box to hide. This does not, however, necessarily mean that Tootsie will be a scaredy cat in a home environment. Homes have advantages of consistency. There are the same people that come and go, and there is much more time to spend bonding with those people. The same pets share a home space, as opposed to the revolving door of arrivals and departures that happen at the shelter. She may still prefer a quiet home and be wary of visitors, but chances are that she will adjust more quickly and fully to a new home.

Tootsie does have a lot going for her though. She is beautiful, as evinced by her Cindy Crawford beauty mark. She is also large, and plump, and the perfect kind of cat to share a bed with at this chilly time of year. She has black spots. Even though Tootsie is an indoor cat, she would never get lost in the snow and she will be easy to see in the window as she watches you shovel the driveway. Tootsie is a remarkably conservative eater. Considering her large size, one might expect this girl to be a chow hound, but she actually eats a bit less than some of our smaller residents do. Finally, Tootsie is very mellow, and could fit well in a family with other pets or children.

Come in and share some warmth with Tootsie and the other cool cats we have.

November is Adopt a Senior Cat Month

November is adopt a senior cat month and we are offering a special reduced adoption fee of $25 for senior kitties, but…We only have one cat who is technically a senior: Cherry, our September cat of the month. So…This month’s cat of the month is not technically a senior, she is only 5 years old, but we decided that this month she will be available at the reduced fee, too.

Our not-actually-a-senior cat of the month for adopt a senior cat month is Daisy!


Get meow-tta here!

Daisy is essentially our shelter mascot right now. She has been with us for about 4 years. Daisy is a quirky girl, with challenges to adoption, and she takes a while to get to know, but she is well, well worth it.

Her challenges to adoption include that she is over weight, which persists in spite of weight management food at the shelter. Our vet has run blood tests to rule out illness, like diabetes, and her results indicated that she is in good health…she just happens to be a chunk.
Daisy also is a carrier of feline herpes. Most cats will be exposed to the herpes virus at some point in their lives, but only a small percentage will develop symptoms. Feline herpes has no cure. Some cats, like Daisy, experience “flare ups” during times of stress and other triggers. In Daisy we often see the tell tale reddish discharge from her eyes. Occasionally, she experiences mild eye irritation and sneezing during flare ups. To reduce the frequency of these episodes she is treated with daily lysine supplements. Ask your veterinarian for more information about feline herpes.

Now, what Daisy has going for her is that she is wonderfully loving in low stress environments. This is most evident during lulls in shelter population and with people she is familiar with. She loves vigorous head scratching and petting. She is also a play machine and is sure to make her people friends laugh at her antics. Daisy enjoys interactive “soccer” with jingle balls, will chase herself around cat climber furniture, and goes crazy for string toys. She also likes to show off with cute and funny poses.

Daisy’s behavior and health are both likely to improve in a home setting, as opposed to the bustling shelter environment, and some lucky family will have a vibrant, boisterous, and loyal friend, who has some faults, just like the rest of us.