Natty Needs A Special Home

Natty has been with us for a bit more or less than a year now, despite being affectionate and beautiful. It’s hard to pull of elegance for a cat of size, but Natty channels Cleopatera like nobody’s business on a pretty regular basis.


So why hasn’t she found a home yet? There are a couple of reasons that actually lend themselves to one another. She doesn’t get along well with other cats and she has a food allergy. Natty needs a closely monitored special diet that would be very difficult to keep in a home with multiple pets. If she gets into another pet’s food (and she will if she has access to it in any way) she develops an itchy, scaly, dry rash that she can’t help scratching raw. Holding to this in a shelter the relies on a group of several people can be a challenge. A volunteer allows her a jog in the hallway and she grabs another cat’s food through the cage bars, someone’s resolve wavers when everyone else gets a treat, except Natty, one of us accidentally grabs the wrong can of wet food from the fridge…and a simple mistake means another round of rash and medication for our girl.

Additionally, Natty struggles with obesity and mild arthritis. Her daily feeding includes a supplement mixes in small portion of prescription wet food to reduce the discomfort in her joints.

Loving Natty means keeping her well by holding to this very strict diet and paying for veterinary care if she manages to get into something that triggers her reaction. It means staying strong in the face of her great love of food, and limiting her portions to reduce the weight on her joints. In return she will give you huge helpings of love and the privilege of petting her belly.

Please help us ensure that Natty gets what she needs every day by giving her the only pet home she needs.

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