January Cat of the Month – Rosie

Rosie is awesome! She came to us with a litter of young kittens, all displaying unfriendly behaviors. A couple of foster families helped to socialize the babies until they were very well adjusted little guys, and all of them have been adopted. Rosie took a little more time, but she has made remarkable progress.


At this point Rosie is always interested in what the people in the shelter are up to, always peeking from the windows of her room and showing off to visitors that stop at her door. For all of her interest, one has to allow Rosie to make first contact for affection. She is afraid of hands reaching at her head, but she eventually begins with brushing against her visitor, allows some petting of her body, and eventually comes around to allowing cheek scratches and more vigorous contact. Her most trusted friends are even able to hold her for short periods.

She is also a play machine. She can often be heard bouncing around with toys in her room during feeding/cleaning shifts, and enjoys interactive play as well. Her forever family will have to make time for…retrieving toys from under the couch and the fridge…

To truly understand how charming this shy, quirky girl is, one has to meet her. She is absolutely adorable and her friendship is a wonderful gift. She is ready to find the right family to share it with. It might be yours.

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