May Cat of the Month – Pinto

Pinto resize
Take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, let it out. That calm serenity you’re feeling is the essence of Pinto. He is an exceptionally easy going cat, who can disarm his more confrontational fellows as if by magic. Other cats can’t pick a fight with Pinto because he ignores their poor manners and rubs on them in greeting. or withdraws.

It’s clear that he enjoys the company of other cats, and is comforted by their presence. Currently he shares a room with his friend, Mooney, and can be found sharing a kitty bed together on occasion, too.

Pinto can be shy, he comes around quickly and consistently with a few good chin scratchings, even after being given medicine, or enduring other necessary discomforts.
This guy is very child friendly, not because he goes out of his way to socialize with children, but because he is so tolerant. If kids are making him uncomfortable, he withdraws, but shows no inclination of lashing out. Ever.

So, what could be wrong with this perfect angel cat? Not much, actually. He isn’t a big fan of being picked up and doesn’t seem to want to sit in laps. But he loves being petted while he’s got four on the floor. LOVES IT! And…that’s it. Not so bad, is it?

Pinto will make an excellent addition to any household. Homes with other cats, children, elderly folks, people with disabilities, people who like brussels sprouts, you name it. If you want a cat, come meet him, and you will want to take him home.

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