February Cat of the Month – Tom!

Tom…where to start? Tom is the spazziest cat this shelter has seen in a long time. He has two speeds – Oh…wait, he only has one – warp speed. This guy loves to play, and in fact, he needs to play in order to get some of his energy out of his system. This guy is sure to give you a daily dose of laughter, that’s for sure. Check it out:

Tom is also a lover. He always greets us with excited meows and makes sure to show us affection while we work in his room. He likes being petted and rubbing all over everyone.

At the same time, Tom is a difficult guy. He gets over stimulated very, very easily. Unfortunately this means that he needs a home without children or elderly folks, who could miss his cues or be especially vulnerable to accidental small injuries. Also, it will be super helpful to keep this boy’s nails trimmed, because even when he is calm he is a very enthusiastic kneader.
He may also need to be an only cat, as sometimes he just gets too rough with others.

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