December Cat of the Month: Tootsie


December Cat of the Month: Tootsie

This month’s featured cat is Tootsie, a large, gentle 8 year old kitty. Adjusting to the shelter hasn’t been easy for Tootsie. It has taken quite some time for her to feel comfortable and if there is too much activity or noise, she still retreats to the corner of her cage, behind her litter box to hide. This does not, however, necessarily mean that Tootsie will be a scaredy cat in a home environment. Homes have advantages of consistency. There are the same people that come and go, and there is much more time to spend bonding with those people. The same pets share a home space, as opposed to the revolving door of arrivals and departures that happen at the shelter. She may still prefer a quiet home and be wary of visitors, but chances are that she will adjust more quickly and fully to a new home.

Tootsie does have a lot going for her though. She is beautiful, as evinced by her Cindy Crawford beauty mark. She is also large, and plump, and the perfect kind of cat to share a bed with at this chilly time of year. She has black spots. Even though Tootsie is an indoor cat, she would never get lost in the snow and she will be easy to see in the window as she watches you shovel the driveway. Tootsie is a remarkably conservative eater. Considering her large size, one might expect this girl to be a chow hound, but she actually eats a bit less than some of our smaller residents do. Finally, Tootsie is very mellow, and could fit well in a family with other pets or children.

Come in and share some warmth with Tootsie and the other cool cats we have.

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