October Cat of the Month – Tina Mary

October’s cat of the month is an itty bitty little pumpkin who is sweet as pie. Foliage season is the perfect time for her to take the spotlight, as her lovely coat is reminiscent of all of the beautiful fall colors.
Tina is a treat to be around and often breaks into purring simply because a person friend is nearby. She is an eager greeter who will make all your visitors feel welcome and occasionally kneads in place, as if she’s marching, when she is especially pleased to see someone. Tina enjoys lap time and does not mind being picked up. She is a patient kitty and will allow her nails to be trimmed a few at a time without a fuss. Tina Mary co-exists well with other cats and would be suitable for families with children. If you’d like to know more about teenie, tiny, Tina, contact us.

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