Saturday April 17th, 2021
VFW, Charlestown NH

Join us for this event. This will be a substitute for our annual Potluck Dinner Fundraiser!!!!

We will have MANY great items for raffle and will be selling some merchandise as well!!  This will be a one-way “WALK THRU STYLE” event!!  There will even be a cake sale!! We will not be doing the usual cake auction but will have cakes priced for sale.

You can come ANYTIME between 1 and 4pm. We will be letting people in a few at a time to try and maintain social distancing!! You will enter thru one door, buy your tickets and proceed through the room in a one-way direction. You will then exit through a different door. And we ask that you please wear a mask!

We have not been able to have our regular fundraising events due to COVID 19 – please come out and support the shelter!!

Join the RVAPL Cage Drive – Help us meet our Goal

Mascoma Bank and Claremont Savings Bank Foundation jump started the RVAPL cage drive with two generous grants. Since then, the goal total has climbed toward our dream of $14,000 to purchase 10 cages mainly for quarantine. Quarantine is the first glimpse a rescue seeing of the shelter and that can last 10 days to 4 months depending on the circumstances.

  • $6,255.00 04/02/21
  • $5,870.00 03/28/21
  • $5,010.00 03/18/21
  • $4,810.00 03/15/21
  • $4,250.00 03/01/21
  • $3,850.00 01/31/21
  • $3,250.00 12/30/20
  • $2,850.00 12/15/20
  • $2,500.00 11/15/20